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Listen To M.E. Law Original Music
M.E. Law — Pure Energy M.E. Law
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M.E. Law — Fall Away
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M.E. Law — If You Don't Kiss Me Now I May Die
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Marion Elizabeth Law (M.E.)

is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  M.E. has performed internationally, with music credits ranging from reality TV to a Romero zombie film.

Over the years, M.E. has composed extraordinary music in a variety of styles, including AOR, Americana, and Satire. 


As an artist, M.E. Law has developed a unique approach to painting. Rather than forcing a premeditated composition into place with a brush, she coaxes her paint with air, heat, and gravity and allows the medium to impose its own will and nature on the design. 


Known for her passion for flowers, M.E.'s latest collection features whimsical, impressionist gardenscapes. She has also produced a catalog of more than 100 abstract acrylic pour compositions and is adept at real-life portraits. 

Glowing Words From Friends

"Whether a news topic or love story, M.E. Law always hits the right chord. I enjoy all she does with her vocal gifts, whether it be pop, folk or blues. This is evident in her album!" ~ Al DeMarino, National VP, Artist Development, CBS Records (Retired)


"M.E. Law charms an audience and gives a strong emotional performance - audiences respond readily to her. She would be an asset to any festival." ~ Ted Comiskey, AD, Canterbury Folk Festival


"From the moment M.E. Law starts to sing, you know you're in the presence of serious talent" ~ Natasha James, Grammy-nominated/LA Songwriter of the Year


"M.E. Law's words & music capture my imagination, fascinating listening that keeps me coming back for more." ~ Nick Blagona, award-winning Producer




San Diego Troubador

"Listen carefully or you might miss a zinger or two." READ THE FULL ARTICLE


Laughing My AO EP REVIEW:

"a great listen, from an artist who needs to be heard."


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