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m.e. law - BEST #livemusic #Toronto

m.e. lights up the Toronto music scene. A talented, charming and entirely entertaining jewel of a human being, she brings to others her musical joy, inspiration and wit, to the delight of all.


"Been back in Toronto for over a year, so much has happened, super gigs and I'm sitting in with wow artists that I love all over town. Check out my newest recordings, Beautifully Broken and Fall Away, produced with tone guru, Nick Blagona, thank you Nick & MJ. I'm so happy to present my newest song, The Other Side. I produced and recorded it in Toronto - a great collaboration with Bob Cohen on bass and guitar, Craig Downie on penny whistle and engineer Reuben Huizenga. I have lots of other music cooking - an EP coming soon? I love my Toronto life!" - m.e.


m.e. live video - m.e. with The Kevin Laliberte Trio at Gate 403, Toronto, September 2017.


plenty of gigs

Relish Bar & Grill

Tranzac Club - More Songs & Poems

Hirut Cafe And Restaurant

Amsterdam Bicycle Club

C'est What

House Concerts




South Coast Jazz Festival

Artword Artbar

Meeting of the Mindless, San Felipe

Canterbury Folk Festival

Tillsonburg Music Festival



Back in Action with M. E. Law, By Frank Kocher
m.e. sat down for a friendly interview/visit with Frank Kocher to talk about life as a working musician with a busy and varied career. Thank you Frank. Here's an excerpt:
"Her  music is at the same time soft and ethereal and wickedly satirical and clever—with lyrics that have to be listened to. Her melodies may be Bossa Novas or floating folk themes and can change in the next moment into a quirky observational blues or jazz statement about our ever-more puzzling world. M E Law has a uniquely Canadian view on life and music."

 By Frank Kocher, August 2016 issue, San Diego Troubadour

m.e. gets well deserved praise for her Laughing My A.O. EP in Kocher's San Diego Troubadour review, "a great listen, from an artist who needs to be heard."


Performance videos - m.e. concert videos
from 2014 Meeting of the Mindless, San Felipe, Baja - m.e. like you always wanted her - in performance! Check her out on the Video Reel page.
CD review in San Diego Troubador April 2015 issue
Journalist, musician and music collector, Frank Kocher, reviews m.e.'s Peace, Love, death and Chocolate CD with well-deserved praise: "Law, by turns, is a breathy, almost ethereal folk songstress, weaving atmospheric tales that bring to mind a rootsy Kate Bush, then in the space of a track can either get down and bluesy, soar over a jazzy lattice, or play quirky observational pop with clever lyrics." Read the full article, listen to (and buy) the CD, you will agree, m.e. is the real singer/songwriter deal.



Friday September 16, 2016

7:30 - 9:30 PM, Grassroots Oasis, 3130 Moore St, San Diego, California 92110

Thanks to Donna Larsen, San Diego musician/show producer and Bree Noble, host, Women of Substance podcast, m.e. looks forward to this San Diego show.

Singer/songwriter event features m.e. law, Lisa Sanders, Randi Driscoll, Sarah Petrie and Donna Larsen with so much musical love from all.


Back in Canada 2016 Tour


Wienerfest Home County Festival, Embro, ON, June 25

m.e. presented the dogumentary, Wiener Takes All, screened at this free festival for dachshunds and the people that love them. As the film’s co-producer, m.e. did Q&A with the audience and performed, among other original works, the film’s title song.


Artword Artbar, Hamilton, ON, July 2

m.e. presented new material and old favourites, all original music, featuring songs from her new CD, LMAO; with special guest, Sarah Farr


Canterbury Folk Festival, Ingersoll, ON, July 8-10

m.e. entertained on the main stage for her third consecutive year at this free and popular music festival on Sunday, July 10, with guitar guru, Ken Archer and harmony/percussion from musical friend, MJ Russell. Workshop performances by m.e. on Saturday.


Private house concert, Toronto, ON, July, with special guest, Lilly Mason.

m.e. law at the Meeting of the Mindless Concert By the Sea
April 22-24, 2016, Sandollar Beach Resort Hotel, San Felipe, Baja, Mexico
m.e. is excited for her 'third times a charm' performance with the usual musical friends. Watch this site for, details tdb asap. Last year, folks who loved m.e.'s music also were entertained by Christopher Dale, Charlie Imes, Natasha James, Rob Mehl and Sam Rainwater.
Meeting of the Mindless Facebook page.
m.e. returned in full vocal and charm force to her hometown's free music weekend, the much-admired Canterbury Folk Festival.
As part of the workshops - Gazebo Stage with The Mudmen, West Stage with Bob Burchill, Sheena Rattai and Daniel Jordan and East Stage with Bernie Gilmore, Steve Ritchie and Rob Ritchie, m.e. performed her original music to audience cheers and musician rave reviews.
For the best m.e. experience, with songs full of love and wit on the main stage on Sunday with special guest, musical friend MJ Russell, m.e. hit it hard. She finished her set with a super bluesy "Part-time Angel" joined by guitar master and lifelong friend, Ken Archer powering up the piece even more.
The house concerts in Caledonia and Toronto gave m.e. a chance to get up close and personal with her audience. Another successful Canada tour wrapped, new fans and new friends.
m.e. loved her time at Meeting of the Mindless 2016
April 22-24, 2016, Sandollar Beach Resort Hotel, San Felipe, Baja, Mexico
m.e. had a great show and cool jams; she said, "I had the most glorious, dreamy weekend performing at the 2nd annual Meeting of the Mindless in San Felipe, Baja. I was honored to listen to the great music of Christopher Dale, Charlie Imes, Natasha James, Rob Mehl and Sam Rainwater. Some serious jamming took place afterwards! Thanks for all the hard work Melody Honey, Shanti and all the volunteers!"
busy writing and recording new material - upcoming cd!
Motivated by the success of PLdC, her 2013 CD release, m.e. can't stop writing and recording new songs for her 2015 offering. She is on the verge of EP 5-song release and is working with San Diego musicians to develop a working band sound to polish the tunes, gig and earn her way into the hearts of music lovers everywhere.
back in canada summer 2014 tour highlights


Thanks Canterbury Folk Festival, Ingersoll, ON (Canada) July 11-13.


m.e. main-staged and workshopped this admired free music festival in her home town! Check out the great article that appeared in the July 3 Woodstock Sentinel Review and carried in print by The Ingersoll Times, Stratford Beacon Herald and The London Free Press here.


Other headliners: Valdy, Lunch at Allen's (Murray McLauchlin, Cindy Church, Ian Thomas, Marc Jordan), Wendell Ferguson, Nathan Rogers. m.e. fans, long-time and new ones, showed up from near and far to love hearing her perform songs from her CD, "Peace, Love, death and Chocolate."


m.e. owned the mainstage on Sunday July 13 at 11 AM with Mary Jane Russell, backing vocalist and Andrew Aldridge, guitar. Fans came from Toronto and locally just for her set!


m.e. hosted the Saturday July 12 12:30 PM West Stage workshop, "Going Home", with The Mandates, Daniel Peloquin Rattai and Bob Burchill. Exciting chance to connect with home!


m.e. shared the Saturday July 12 1:30 PM East Stage workshop, "Why the Long Face", hosted by Bernie Gilmore with Beckon and Curtis Godick. Music icon Wendell Ferguson was in the audience - he let m.e. know he was impressed! As did many others, musicians and audience alike.


For her Back in Canada Summer 2014 Tour, m.e. rocked the road again and worked with Nick Blagona recording new songs. Click on the picture below to start up a slide-show gallery of m.e. at Tillsonburg Festival of Music and Canterbury Folk Festival.


back in canada summer 2014 tillsonburg festival of music


m.e. wowed the crowd, July 1.


m.e., with Mary Jane Russell, backing vocals, and Andrew Aldridge, guitar, entertained new fans and old friends at the Tillsonburg Canada Day Festival of Music. Audience members enthused: "amazing", "outrageous talent", "love your songs". Performing songs from her latest release, "Peace, Love, Death and Chocolate", m.e. was thrilled with the opportunity to be part of this fun music festival.


Meeting of the Mindless, San Felipe, Baja, March 2014 & April 2015

m.e. felt the love at the special 2014 & 2015 San Felipe, Baja concert series, Meeting of the Mindless, with Trop Rockers Kelly McGuire and Rob Mehl, country sensation Natasha James and others at the Sandollar Condotel.


Congrats Nick!

Producer of the Year, 2013 Hamilton Music Awards

Congratulations to Nick Blagona, named Producer of the Year at the Hamilton Music Awards for his work with Weekend Riot Club, 1220 Blast and Allotrope. Well-deserved!

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